Here we are!

Why Marriage Matters Alabama has been around for a few weeks, but now we have our web site. Over the next few weeks we will be advancing our organization and bringing new things to the site.

We feel that we cannot wait until everything is in place before revealing ourselves so we have forged ahead.  Alabama has been silent on marriage equality for too long, since 2006 in fact, when our state passed the Sanctity of Marriage Amendment with 81% of the vote. Enshrined in our outdated state constitution (that’s a whole other issue) is the denial of equal rights to a segment of our population.

Two years later Prop 8 was passed in California, taking the right of gay and lesbian Californians to marry away after it was deemed legal by the California  Supreme Court. Protests were staged across the country , and an event was suggested for Birmingham, but the LGBT leaders at the time did not agree, choosing at the time to remain silent on the issue.

I am reminded of the words of Martin Luther King, Jr., who said, “In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.”

As a result of this silence Alabama citizens have been denied the opportunity to learn about our families. We are going to change that.

We realize that this group is not going to bring about marriage equality (without a miracle). But we also realize two other things.

One, LGBT people in our state who are in relationships are families.  They love their partners and are committed to them. They deserve the opportunity to display that commitment publicly to family and friends.

Two, marriage equality will not come to this state until a federal law says we must allow it. But until that time, we need to educate people about our families, about the love that we share in those families.

National polls indicate increasing support for marriage equality with most Americans now in favor. Those polls include responses from Alabama citizens, and we feel that Alabama residents should answer with favorable responses. However, until more Alabamians understand us, most will answer unfavorably.

Right now our greatest needs include financial support (to help with our organization and messaging) and we need to hear from LGBT people who are in committed relationships and would like to share their stories on video or through pictures and words and from non-LGBT people who would share with us their thoughts on marriage equality.

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