North Carolina needs our help

I’ve written on blogs and for the newspaper abut the creative class, which includes professionals, academic types, engineers, theater folk, LGBT people, writers and others. Often these categories overlap.

In North Carolina, Amendment One looms. Amendment One would ban marriage for LGBT people (and ban rights for domestic partners of whatever mix).

We at Why Marriage Matters Alabama are very concerned about what happens in North Carolina, in part because it is a southern state, and we share some degree of identity with them.

We are new, and not in a position to offer financial support to them, but we can certainly urge our supporters to send funds their way (as you send them to us).

Here Krista Tillman, mother and dean at Hayworth College, Queens University in Charlotte, NC, explains why her son won’t live there, and why it is important to treat LGBT people equally.

Also, call or email your friends in North Carolina and make sure they will vote against Amendment One and that they will ask their friends to do the same.

Here, Bev Perdue, North Carolina Governor, states her opposition to Amendment One.

The vote takes place on May 8, so now is the time to act.


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