North Carolina

North Carolina has a state law that denies marriage equality to same-sex couples. Now an effort is underway to put that discrimination into the state constitution, joining all the other southern states in bigotry.

Amendment One banning marriage equality is on the ballot on May 8.

Recent polling shows us that the amendment may pass easily, but it also shows that when voters are informed about what the consequences would really be, the vote becomes very close.

Most North Carolinians support some form of legal recognition for gay couples’ relationships, either in the form of marriage or civil unions. But most do not realize that Amendment One denies both marriage and civil unions.

The amendment would also ban legal recognition of unmarried couples of the opposite sex, and that includes over 230,000 North Carolinians.

Read about LGBT and straight allies’ marriages from Equality North Carolina.

Why Marriage Matters Alabama supports Equality North Carolina in their effort to educate the people of North Carolina about Amendment One.

Visit Protect All North Carolina Families for even more information or to donate to this most important cause.

Elizabeth Eve and Rev. Kathryn Cartledge, together for 30 years, were arrested and found guilty of trespassing for a county office after being refused a marriage license. Photo from Advocate/facebook/Joshua Doby


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